carolina radiology solutions
carolina radiology solutions

Seamless Staffing Solutions for Your Office or Hospital

Carolina Radiology Solutions places certified radiology technologists in short-term positions in offices, labs, and hospitals around the Southeast. Our radiology professionals are state and nationally certified and are well-acquainted with working with different types of physicians in a variety of departments ranging from pain management, urology, orthopedics, teaching lab cadavers bariatric to GI studies.


To offer a seamless transition by our staffing professionals contracting is available to ensure you have professional radiology technologists on-hand for all of the needs of your department or office.

Professionals are available for daily, monthly and yearly contracting.

Sign a Contract for a Reduced Rate

Does your department have a high turnover?  Has hiring the right person for the job proved more difficult than expected? Contact Carolina Radiology Solutions today!  All clients who sign contracts receive discounted rates on our placement services. Get the quality results from the professionals you can trust.  We are the only South Carolina-based organization to provide temporary and short-term radiology and C-arm staffing solutions. Contact us to learn more and sign a contract for a reduced rate!  

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