carolina radiology solutions
carolina radiology solutions

Upgrade to Real Time X-Rays with Carolina Radiology Solutions

Physicians are under an immense amount of pressure. Not only do they make life and death decisions each day – sometimes several times within the day – they also must read and scrutinize reports to properly diagnose issues. The latter means that physicians need the absolute best information available. While X-ray technology is ubiquitous, real time X-rays are not. We empower physicians with the most comprehensive information with fluoroscopy.


Carolina Radiology Solutions supplies mobile C-arm technology, trained professionals, and relevant equipment to the door of your hospital or office anywhere in the Southeast. We work with a variety of practices including urology, pain management, and cadaver teaching labs, orthopedics, GI Studies, speech pathologists and many more!


Get the most out of your practice with the low cost and convenient mobile fluoroscopy suite offered by Carolina Radiology Solutions that can be delivered to you.  We bring our mobile C-arm suite for the best fluoroscopy in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. We also extend our mobile C-arm services to offices, labs, and hospitals beyond mentioned locations. Contact us today to arrange for our mobile C-arm suite to arrive at your location.


Mobile C-arm Suite: Convenience and Cost Savings

At Carolina Radiology Solutions, we enable physicians like you to get the most out of your practice. This entails cost savings from using our mobile C-arm service delivered to your office, lab or hospital door. Forget the hassle of purchasing and maintaining C-arm equipment. Rely on our team to bring you the very best technology in a safe, affordable and convenient package. In addition to our affordable convenient solutions, as well as our nationally and state registered radiology technologists for short- or long-term assignments.


We offer a simple and straightforward billing process for your added convenience. Read more about our billing process and staffing solutions


Emergency Fluoroscopy and Radiology Solutions

Your office, lab or hospital can  rent our equipment, such as our imaging table or lead apron for a day, half-day, or for longer. Finally, our C-arm is available for rental, leasing, or purchase at reasonable rates. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment, and C-arm solutions that will enable your office to make the most of your practice.

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